RNase A
RNase A

Ribonuclease A or RNase A is an endoribonuclease purified from bovine pancreas. RNase A is an important enzyme for the removal of RNA for RNA free DNA purification reactions such as plasmid DNA purification and genomic DNA purification, RNA removal from recombinant protein preparations, Ribonuclease protection assays, mapping single-base mutations in DNA/RNA. RNase A effectively cleaves the phosphodiester bond between the 5’-ribose of a nucleotide and the phosphate group attached to the 3’-ribose of an adjacent pyrimidine nucleotide which forms a 2’,3’-cyclic phosphate which is then hydrolyzed to the corresponding 3’-nucleoside phosphate.

Specifications (Cat. # RA500050/130/200/1500, RA100550/1000, RA0100/250/500/1000)
  • Available in ready to use pre-mixed solutions: 50 μl (50 mg/ml), 130 μl (50 mg/ml), 200 μl (50 mg/ml), 1.5 ml (50 mg/ml), 550 µl (10 mg/ml), 1 ml (10 mg/ml)
  • Lyophilized RNase A powder is also available (100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1 g)
  • Both pre-mixed solutions and lyophilized RNase A can be shipped at room temperature
  • Source: Bovine Pancreas
  • Molecular Weight: 13.7 kDa
  • Certified TSE/BSE Free
Plasmid DNA purification, Genomic DNA purification, RNA removal from recombinant protein preparations, Ribonuclease protection assays, Mapping single-base mutations in DNA/RNA
RNase A premixed solutions retain enzymatic activity at room temperature or 2-8ºC for extended periods. However, -20ºC long term storage is recommended for both lyophilized and pre-mixed solutions of RNase A.  
Preparation for use with Geneaid DNA Extraction Kits
Add RNase A premixed solution to the corresponding buffer and store at 2-8ºC for up to 6 months.
Quality Control
The quality of RNase A is tested on a lot-to-lot basis according to Geneaid's ISO-certified quality management system.
RNase A Functional Test Data

Figure 1. RNase A was added to the corresponding DNA purification buffer in lanes 1 and 2 and no RNase A was added in lanes 3 and 4. RNA contamination is clearly visible in the absence of RNase A.

M = Geneaid 1 Kb DNA Ladder

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